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My family originated in Syria followed by Egypt, before settling in Britain in 1960.

For over 30 years, I have been involved with many educational art projects within the Jewish community, raising money for various museums. I have a love of food, Jewish cookery, aesthetics and art.  

The idea for faithtable (‘bringing food and faith together’) came as a result of my being asked by people of many religious (and non-religious) backgrounds, what food I like to prepare and what meaning it has in connection to my religion, Judaism. I never realised that there’s such a profound curiosity between different faiths over the dishes we all create and the meaning behind them.

Whether I find myself explaining the ingredients for matzah ball soup, or what black-eyed peas represent, it makes me curious about whether other people, of other faiths, feel the same…where is the safe space for stories that bring food and faith together? We simply don’t know enough about each other’s religions. That’s why our plan at faithtable is to start exploring the personal stories of relationships with food and faith by interviewing members of different communities.

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