MARTINI DAY: The Ultimate 'Crantini'

Martini Recipe

It’s Martini Day! And if there ever was a day worth celebrating… this is it! Taking a slight twist on your typical classics (Cosmopolitan, Espresso etc), this recipe from gives you the ultimate ‘Crantini’. Not difficult to guess what the main ingredient is here then!

Preparation Time: 5 mins

Serves: 1 glass, exceptionally easy



1.5oz of vodka

0.5oz of vermouth

0.5oz of triple sec

4oz of cranberry juice

1 cranberry (!)

Ice cubes

Equipment Needed: Martini shaker and a glass!

Take the martini shaker, add some ice and then the other liquids, followed by the ice cubes, shake the mixture and pour into the glass using a cranberry or 2 as a garnish.

For best results, soak the cranberries in some vodka first.