SUMMER IN WINTER: Fruit Salad Ice Lollies

Icy Lolly Recipe

Yes you can believe your eyes! Given we are going through the most random ‘heatwave’ ever in this usually shivery week of February, we thought it could be the perfect time to give you all a Homemade Ice Lolly recipe courtesy of us!

Preparation Time: 5 mins prep time, 6+ hrs freezing

Serves: 8, very easy


1 lemon chopped into thin slices

75g of blueberries

110g strawberries, hulled and halved

110g raspberries, halved

350-500ml white grape juice

Equipment Needed: Chopping knife, 8 75g ice lolly moulds

Snugly arrange some of each fruit in the ice lolly moulds. Pour enough juice into each mould to just cover the fruit. Insert sticks and freeze until solid, six hours (or up to two weeks).