JANUARY DETOX RECIPE: Turmeric, Carrot & Parsnip Soup with Cinnamon Croutons

Carrot and Parsnip Soup Recipe

Happy New Year! In the spirit of the month where many of us embark on crazy detoxes to compensate for overeating over the festive period, we wanted to find the perfect detox dish, that’s also a tasty starter to come home to after these cold January days (this one is also said to be ‘immune-boosting’!). Check out this recipe for ‘Tumeric, Carrot & Parsnip Soup with Cinnamon Croutons’ by theinspiredhome.com

Cooking Time: Preparation time 30 mins, cooking time 1 hr 30 mins

Serves: 6-8, easy


4 cups peeled and chopped carrots

2 cups peeled and chopped parsnips

1 small yellow onion

3 cloves garlic

4 cups vegetable broth

½ cup coconut milk

2 tbsps unrefined coconut oil

2 tbsps ground turmeric

1 tbsp sriracha

3 slices whole-wheat multi-seed bread (a few days old is best)

½ tbsp cinnamon

Pinch of salt

Equipment Needed: Tablespoon, potato peeler, cheese grater, knife, large cooking pot, blender


Set the oven on its lowest possible setting. Chop the bread and coat with 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and the cinnamon. Spread bread evenly on a cookie sheet and place in the low oven for around 45 minutes, stirring occasionally. Watch croutons to prevent from burning, remove from oven when nice and dry / crispy.


Peel and chop the carrots and parsnips, peel and dice the yellow onion and garlic. Place your pot on the stove over medium heat. Add to your pot 1 tablespoon of coconut, when the oil is hot but not smoking add the yellow onion diced. Cook the onions for 5-7 minutes, stirring occasionally. Once the onion starts to turn translucent add the diced garlic, turmeric and a pinch of salt. After cooking for another 2 minutes add the carrots, parsnips, vegetable broth, coconut milk and sriracha. Bring soup pot to a boil and then lower to a medium-low heat and simmer for 30 minutes. Once the carrots and parsnips are very tender your soup is ready to blend. Use an immersion blender, or in a blender carefully blend soup until smooth. Serve soup topped with cinnamon croutons and enjoy!