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The idea for faithtable (‘bringing food and faith together’) came as a result of our Founder Giorgina, being asked by people of many religious (and non-religious) backgrounds, what food she likes to prepare and what meaning it has in connection to her religion, Judaism. She never realised that there’s such a profound curiosity between different faiths over the dishes we all create and the meaning behind them.

‘Whether I find myself explaining the ingredients for matzah ball soup, or what black-eyed peas represent, it makes me curious about whether other people, of other faiths, feel the same…where is the safe space for stories that bring food and faith together? We simply don’t know enough about each other’s religions. That’s why our plan at faithtable is to start exploring the personal stories of relationships with food and faith by interviewing members of the Jewish community.

faithtable is an idea I have been developing for a while now. Over the next few months, we will be conducting and collecting personal food/faith stories and interviews from chefs, food writers, role models and anyone with a compelling tale in the Jewish community. Through video, imagery, voice recordings or even just written word (if you’re a tad camera shy), we want to hear about the stories behind your recipes (or your mother’s recipes, or your grandmother’s recipes – or your great-grandfather’s!) and the part they played in your background, family life or experience. Further down the line, our plan is to expand this into other religions and countries. Imagine somewhere that you can find recipes for Jewish, Islamic and say, Christian cooking, all in one place?’

So why not sign up and tell us your story? All you have to do is email us to say you’re interested, and we will work with you to share your favourite recipes, and the narrative behind them. 

The Team

Giorgina, Founder of faithtable

Giorgina, Founder of faithtable

Clare, Marketing Director for faithtable

Clare, Marketing Director for faithtable

Giorgina’s family originated in Syria, followed by Egypt (where they have been British since 1880!) before settling in Britain in 1960.

For over 30 years, Giorgina has been involved with many educational art projects within the Jewish community, raising money for various museums. She has a love of food, Jewish cookery, aesthetics and art.

Email: giorgina@faithtable.co.uk


Clare’s family originated in Poland and Russia before settling in Britain (it is also believed that there may be some Sephardi links!).

She runs a marketing consultancy called weflourish where she works with clients within fashion, design and leadership (as well as faithtable!). Clare regards herself as a real ‘foodie’ and aside from cooking, enjoys visiting trendy and unusual places to eat around London. She's thrilled to be working on this new project and cooking up a storm!

Email: clare@faithtable.co.uk